OneDrive Windows Phone

Microsoft will be making some user interface changes for its OneDrive Windows Phone app in its next update, after it launched some UI changes in October that didn't get a good reception from some users.

The biggest change in the app was the 'hamburger menu', which many Windows Phone users said was a step down from the older pivot system. The choice was made to mirror the Android and iOS apps for a unified UI design, which is quite common these days.

In a post today on the OneDrive UserVoice forum, Microsoft's Angus Logan wrote:

"We've heard the feedback on the new UI in our latest update to the Windows Phone app. We're in the process of improving the usability and polish of our app. Expect to see changes in our next update."

While he didn't state that the pivot menu would be returning, at least this response shows that Microsoft is aware of the negative comments concerning the OneDrive Windows Phone app as it now stands.

In a recent Windows Central poll, we asked users about the new design and if they liked it or not. Interestingly, 53 percent were fine with the changes, while 34 percent did not (12 percent had no opinion).

Do you still agree that the OneDrive app should ditch the hamburger menu?

Source: OneDrive UserVoice