Kinect Sensor for Xbox One

Microsoft didn't mention the Xbox One's now-optional Kinect motion sensor add-on during its E3 2015 press event earlier this week. However, the company says Kinect is not dead at all and that it will be used by a number of games due out this fall.

Polygon spoke to Shannon Loftis, general manager of global games publishing for Xbox, during E3:

"Kinect, she said, is still coming out for Windows 10, and there are unannounced games coming for the motion controller this fall. There are also unannounced games currently in development for Kinect internally at Microsoft, Loftis said. "It's still a going concern," she said. "More creators than you might expect are now engaging with Kinect for Xbox One."

Microsoft has already confirmed that when the big Xbox One dashboard update is released, with Cortana support, this fall, it will require the Kinect sensor to operate the digital assistant.

Source: Polygon