Microsoft set to increase rate of Windows 10 SDK releases for developers

Windows 10's release is just around the bend, and Microsoft is looking to get developers ready for the launch. The tech giant announced that it will start pushing new releases of the Windows 10 SDK to Windows Insiders, incorporating new features as they come along with each Fast ring build.

From Microsoft:

In addition, starting this month, we will release previews of the Windows 10 SDK more often to our Windows Insiders. Our goal is to release a Windows 10 SDK preview that corresponds to OS flights delivered through the Windows 10 Insider Preview Fast Ring. As part of these preview releases, we will also release a matching version of the Windows 10 Mobile emulator. While we'll do our best to align with the OS release schedule, it is possible that not every OS release will bring an updated SDK.

In addition, Microsoft takes a moment to touch on its platform bridges to bring apps from other platforms to Windows 10, stating that it will release more information on each bridge over the course of the summer.

Windows 10 is set to launch on July 29, so it's clear that Microsoft is making an effort to get developers on board with consistent SDK updates to support new features. It's unclear from Microsoft's post when the next SDK release will hit, but it seems that it will land with the next Fast ring push this month.

Source: Microsoft