Windows 10 Store

The launch of Windows 10 is coming later this month, and that will also include the launch of a new Windows Store that will allow PC and Windows 10 Mobile users to download the same app for both versions of the OS. Microsoft has also been busy unifying the Dev Center for developers to submit their apps for publishing in the store and now they have announced some details on how they can add age ratings to their apps.

As we previously reported, the unified Dev Center, which will also work with Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone app, will now require that every app and game, along with any updates, submit an age rating. Previously, this was just required for Windows 8.1 apps. The five age ratings remain the same:

  • 3+ (Suitable for young children)
  • 7+ (Suitable for ages 7 and older)
  • 12+ (Suitable for ages 12 and older)
  • 16+ (Suitable for ages 16 and older)
  • 18+ (Suitable for adults)

Microsoft says it has streamlined the process to obtain third-party age ratings, which are optional in some countries, such as the US. However, four countries (Brazil, Korea, Russia and Taiwan) require that any app submitted must also use that country's age rating system in addition to Microsoft's in-house rating.

Source: Microsoft