Apple has previously enjoyed kicking Microsoft down with the famous Mac versus PC advertisement campaign. It was a giggle to see Apple attempting to be trendy against Microsoft's "boring" OS and PCs in general. Now it's Microsoft's turn to hit back and the company is continuing its Apple-bashing run with the above advert, putting the Surface RT against the popular iPad.

Comparing weight and thickness, as well as overall dimensions, Microsoft highlights all the added benefits that come with a Surface Windows RT tablet. Two examples being the integrated kickstand, enabling you to prop up the device without an overpriced accessory and the Office suite pre-installed that helps you get off the mark with opening and editing documents while on the move.

You've then got a full-sized USB port and $150 off the price of the 16GB iPad ($499), which is a considerable step up from the Surface RT at only $349. That said, Microsoft and OEM partners are struggling to move units and Windows RT has been an absolute pain for consumers (it's not full Windows 8 and caused confuson), not to mention some issues that need addressing. So while it's pleasing to see such advertising come out of Redmond, we can't help but wonder if it will make a difference. 

Source: YouTube; thanks, Nishy, for the heads up!