Xbox One March Update

There’s a big update coming the Xbox One on March 11, just in time for Titanfall. While the launch of Titanfall is certainly helping to push a few features out to the Xbox One, most games will benefit from the changes. The Xbox team just shared a video showing off some of those features coming in the March update. The video focuses on all the changes happening to the Party and Friends features on Xbox One.

The Party and Friend features in the Xbox One are decent, although some functionality originally available in the Xbox 360 didn’t make it over. We’re glad to see Microsoft not only addressing some features that should have been there from day one, but we’re just as happy and excited to see some new stuff coming.

The fact that Party chat is on by default is very refreshing. We also like that Microsoft focused on cleaning up the Friends app on the Xbox One. The UI has been cleaned up a bit and made easier to navigate and take action.

What changes are you looking forward to in the Party and Friends features on Xbox One? We can't wait to stream to Twitch

Source: Xbox Wire