Windows Phone Office

As well as announcing two new smartphones, Microsoft also revealed a new feature coming to Windows 10 for phone. Microsoft Office. The new suite is fully optimized for smaller screens, and will come pre-installed with Outlook on all Windows Phones (just like how things are currently).

Looking at the new Outlook app for Windows 10 on the phone, it's not only a fully integrated app, but Microsoft is taking the app further than just mail, by integrating calendar functionality too. It's possible to not only attach and send photos, but office file attachments too. Then you have the full editing capabilities of Office right in the palm of your hand.

Windows Phone Outlook

In-line is supported, alongside annotating received messages. Outlook will allow you to customize exactly how you want to use available gestures, but everything is at reach by swiping left and right to see more options.

If you're not a fanatic about email, but do require a feature-rich suite then look no further than the improved Office for Windows 10 on phone.

Windows Phone Office

Excel looks pretty easy to use with touch. We're excited to see what these new productivity tools will offer consumers while they're away from a desktop PC. The best part? It'll be free. Remain tuned for more from Mobile World Congress!