Microsoft has shown off some new ID@Xbox titles at E3. New titles include Tacoma, the latest effort from Fullbright Games, developers of Gone Home. Previews were also shown for Ashen, by Aurora, and Cuphead, by Studio MDHR.

Beyond Eyes is the story of Ray. A blind girl, Ray must make her way through the game's world world using hearing, touch, and smell. The game builds a compact narrative around her character. Aurora describes the story as one of hope.

Cuphead is an upcoming title that uses an art style similar to 1930s cartoons. A 2D action game, Cuphead stays true to that style, utilizing silent movie dialogue screen.

Finally, ION, the latest title from the creator of DayZ, is coming to the Xbox One. The goal with ION was to create a game that was not just a game, but a whole universe. It features a massive, multiplayer simulation of life in space.

Other titles announced as coming soon were The Long Dark, Sheltered, Elite: Dangerous, and DayZ.

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