Microsoft's second wave of layoffs on Thursday that affected 2,100 employees hit two of the company's divisions. One is the Silicon Valley office of Microsoft Research while the other will cause the Trustworthy Computing division to be reorganized.

Opened in 2001, the shut down of the Silicon Valley Microsoft Research office will affect about 50 employees. The company will still have over 2,500 workers in the Silicon Valley area of northern California, which work for a variety of divisions, including Xbox, Skype and more.

The Trustworthy Computing division, launched in 2002 as an attempt to improve Microsoft's software and patches, will be closed as a stand alone group, with some of its workers laid off and the rest of the team split between the Cloud and Enterprise division and the Legal and Corporate Affairs. There's no word of exactly how many people in the Trustworthy Computing group lost their jobs.

Among other things, the Trustworthy Computing division was in charge of all the software patches that are released every month by Microsoft as part of "Patch Tuesday". In a Twitter message on Thursday, John Lambert, the General Manager of Network Security and Science for Trustworthy Computing, wrote to some worried followers, " ... my mates, all your TwC is still here. SDL, operational security, pentest, MSRC, Bluehat are just under a new roof." ZDNet also reports that Microsoft's antivirus team that was working under the Cloud and Enterprise division is now under its Operating Systems Group.

What do you think of these changes, especially in the Trustworthy Computing group?

Source: GeekWire, ZDNet