Microsoft today announced the company has finalised an agreement with RIM that provides broad access to Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) for BlackBerry devices. The modern file system from Microsoft enables a straightforward interchange between desktop PCs and electronic devices using the format.

exFAT is a vast improvement cover its predecessor, FAT. It expands both the size of files that flash memory devices can handle, as well as speed at which these files can be accessed. These are improvements RIM will likely be looking to take full advantage of in its upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS.

David Kaefer, general manager of Intellectual Property (IP) Licensing at Microsoft, had the following to comment on the agreement:

"Today’s smartphones and tablets require the capacity to display richer images and data than traditional cellular phones. This agreement with RIM highlights how a modern file system, such as exFAT can help directly address the specific needs of customers in the mobile industry."

It's positive to see the two players in the mobile market to reach an agreement, which is a welcomed change from the lawsuits we've grown accustomed to. RIM was previously in the news to be looking at supporting Windows Phone, but later denied such plans where in place. The company is expected to unveil BlackBerry 10 early next year.

Source: Microsoft, via: CrackBerry

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