The Microsoft Band was meant only be a platform demonstration device for Microsoft Health ( read our analysis here). As such, Microsoft never intended to take on FitBit and other fitness wearables. There was only one problem: people really like the Microsoft Band.

Online orders for the Band have been offline for weeks, if not months now. Microsoft Store availability – the physical ones – is much better, but most US citizens still do not live in driving distance of one.

We are proud to report that Microsoft is finally getting stock back online, with preorders for those who signed up via email getting first dibs.

This new batch of Microsoft Bands will not ship until March 17, but people who signed up via the email are now getting special Store links to pick one up. We say 'one' because you can only order a solitary device, meaning that the supply chain is still tight.

Once Microsoft feels everyone who signed up for the email alert has had a chance to buy it, we imagine they will open up sales to the general public – assuming there are some left. Right now, you cannot sign up to be notified for new stock, so it is too late to get in on this list.

Nothing else seems different from this batch of Bands, but if you still need the $199 device, make sure you measure up your wrist and check your email. Windows Central will let you know when general availability returns online.

And before you ask, yes, sales are still restricted to the US only. Sorry, folks.

Getting a Band? Make sure you bookmark our tips and how page on using it!

Thanks, Brian F., for the tip!