Westfarms Mall Microsoft STore

Microsoft Stores are awesome. They’re the only place people like Daniel buy electronics these days. At least when it comes to laptops, tablets and desktops. Customer service is great and they’re just a fun place to hang with the latest tech running Microsoft’s software. Unfortunately there aren’t as many Microsoft Stores out in the wild just yet.  You’ll find nearly 60 of them in the United States, a few in Canada and one in Puerto Rico.

Today you can add one more to the tally for the US. Westfarms Mall in Farmington, Connecticut just opened to the public today. There we’re probably a few of you there today and for that we’re mad jealous. Windows Phone Central reader Atif A. went to the opening and shared some videos and photos of the event. Feel free to live vicariously through them.

Atif shot the lines of the grand opening using his Nokia Lumia 1020. 

Opening Line

Microsoft Store Line

More of the line

Microsoft Store Opening CT

See those massive lines? Pretty impressive and congrats to Microsoft on what appears to be a good launch of a new store. 

If you’re near Farmington, CT you might want to go check out the opening. It’s still going on right now and Major Nelson will be there at 6:30pm EST for some giveaways and Xbox One related promos.

Did anyone else go? Still there? Share your experience below!

Thanks for the photos Atif!