Surface Pass

Looks like if you live near a Microsoft Store or even a pop-up holiday kiosk you can stop by and get a reservation card good for one Surface RT come October 26th.

The info comes via our forums where member jdevenberg was given a pass from a Microsoft pop-up Store employee at Washington Square in Beaverton, Oregon. The pass simply reads that a Surface has been reserved and all the shopper has to do is bring the pass at 12pm on October 26th. This sounds like a good deal for those of you who are wanting to go and get one in the Store that very day instead of pre-ordering online.

Surface Pass

We’re told that a Microsoft employee is basically manning the kiosk, answering questions and handing out the cards of which there only looked to be about 150-200 (though who knows if they have more on hand). We doubt the Stores will set out on the day off but it may behoove you to swing by your local outlet if you have one and grab a card just in case.

The other news we learned of is not so great: evidently the bundles that we see online for preordering are the same for in Store purchases, meaning those of us who want a 64GB device and say a Cyan cover are likely out of luck. We’re not sure what madness Microsoft is thinking here with these limited bundles but it looks like you’ll have to pay extra for another keyboard or just opt for the 32GB version and forgo some extra internal memory. Weak sauce.

Source: WPCentral Forums; Thanks, jdevenberg, for the heads up!