Surface Pro 3 Pen

Microsoft has just announced the Surface Pro 3. Not only is it thinner and lighter than the Surface Pro 2, but it’s more powerful and has better battery life. Microsoft has also drastically improved pen support with the new Surface Pro 3. The union between OneNote and the pen has never been stronger.

The new pen in the Surface Pro 3 has been designed with note-taking in mind. You can double click to automatically have OneNote launch on the Surface Pro 3. The pen itself is also a little weightier, so that it mimics the feel of a pen with ink you might use with paper.

Microsoft has also made a handful of improvements to the Surface Pro 3 itself to better accommodate the pen. The display is a 3x2 ratio so that it feels more like paper.

In addition to stellar OneNote support, Microsoft has partnered with a few developers to create compelling experiences for the new pen and Surface Pro 3. Adobe will release a version of Photoshop CC that’s been optimized for touch. The New York Times will release a crosswords app that allows you to write your answers down and have them converted into text.

Photoshop CC

All in all, the Surface Pro 3 and pen look like a killer combo. We’ll have hands-on photos and videos shortly. In the meantime, let us know whether or not you’d use a pen on a regular basis with a machine like this.