While we think Microsoft’s Surface is a solid first attempt, there are some minor issues with the OS and hardware that still need to be worked on. One of those is performance as animations and app load times aren’t always the smoothest nor fastest. Still, being a version 1.0 product we know Microsoft will be tweaking things along the way.

Such is the case with today’s update that has gone out to the Surface RT. The update, part of “patch Tuesday” contains eight parts including a firmware update related to security. Over at the Verge they claim that the update also improves performance of apps starting up: “On average, apps launched around two seconds faster than before, a noticeable improvement.”

That is certainly good news as we think the Surface, while a little rough in some areas, can be greatly improved over the next few months with frequent updates. Our own update took about 20 minutes (device kept going into Standby) and it does require a soft reset. So far, performance looks good though it's hard for us to definitively say things are faster.

Have you updated your Surface today? If so , have you noticed any speed improvements?


Source: Microsoft; via The Verge