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Earlier we reported that Suning (reads "soo-ning") gadget chain (a good equivalent of Best Buy in the US) is going to distribute Microsoft Surface tablets in China, making Suning the first ever third-party distributor of Surface globally.

Just a while ago, Suning sort of confirmed the rumor, and hinted at a bit more, by posting a very interesting update to its official account on Chinese social media website Sina Weibo.

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The update says "A revolutionary product, and ground-breaking cooperation, to be revealed at 12am tomorrow."

There aren't many "revolutionary" tech products on this planet at this very moment, and still fewer have anything to do with Suning. Therefore, the most likely answer is: the guys at Suning are about to break the silence and announce something about Microsoft Surface.

But exactly what kind of "something" is up to anyone's guess. Yours is as good as mine. The most disappointing outcome will be Suning coming out with a big banner hollering "YES YOU ARE RIGHT WE DO CARRY MICROSOFT SURFACE!!!". But on the positive side, it could easily be something more helpful, like revealing of the retail price, starting of pre-order, or even announcing the immediate availability of Surface tablets.

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In China the entire country lives by Beijing Time (GMT +8). Therefore this "12am tomorrow" is about 25 hours away from right now. Let's keep tuned. And we reckon Surface is a pretty darn big thing to Microsoft, thus Redmond might be planning a more or less synced global launch. If there's any significant break through in China, other markets should be following that up soon. Wish everyone in every country the best luck. May your Surface smile upon you. 

Source: WPDang