Microsoft Surface Tablet

We updated yesterday's story on the Microsoft Surface Tablet price possibly costing more than $1,000 but wanted to make sure the update got out. For those who didn't catch the original story, Swedish website listed the Microsoft Surface tablet at a price of 6990 krone (about $1,160 US) with Fourth Quarter 2012 availability.

This took us (and everyone else) by surprise because earlier speculation had pricing in the $399-599 range.

While the website is holding fast with it's $1100 plus pricing, Webhallen issued the following statement addressing the Surface pricing.

"Our customers are very interested in pre-ordering these products, so we have set a high preliminary pricing for the lineup so that they may be able to pre-order them.

Just to clarify, we have not received any pricing from Microsoft regarding MRSP or purchasing net cost, and any people who have booked the Surface at this high price will of course have their order adjusted before any product is shipped. So we’re not going to overcharge anyone for being an early adopter."

It's still a little strange to see the pre-order price set so high (this could turn out to be four times the actual cost) but at least we have a little bit better clarification as to why the pricing is so high.  Normally we see pre-order pricing set at the manufacturers suggested retail price but if you don't have the MSRP to go by, it's better to over price than under price?

Hopefully we'll see official pricing from Microsoft soon so we know exactly how many pennies we'll need to save.

Source: Techie-Buzz; Thanks, JamesDax3, for the tip!