If you are lucky enough to reside in Sweden, you may want to pencil in Monday, October 29 from 4pm to 8 pm to head to Microsoft's Open house shindig.

As someone who has been to many Microsoft events, let me say from experiences they tend to be much fun (translation: they amply use their budget). For this event, you can expect "food, drinks, contests" and of course the ability to get your hands on all sorts of new hardware for Windows and Windows Phone.

From the full event description (translated):

"INVITATION TO OPEN HOUSE ON MICROSOFT 10.29 At Microsoft, we would like to invite you to our open house and mingle at our office on Wednesday, October 29 at 16:00 to 20:00. We really appreciate your commitment to our products, how you share tips and tricks with other users and also give us feedback continuously. We hope, therefore, many want to take the chance and come and mingle with us who work at Microsoft, and of course meet others who like Xbox, Windows, and Windows Phone for an evening of food, drinks, contests with great prizes and of course the opportunity to test new hardware and accessories and play the latest games for Xbox One.

Register at the link below and we can seat 150 people. The address is Finlandsgatan 36 in Akalla. From all of us at Microsoft a warm welcome!"

Anyway, it sounds like a good time, and if you have yearning to meet some other super fans in the area, this may be your chance. More information and where to register found below:

Öppet hus på Microsoft

Thanks, Elias, for the tip!

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