OK, so what we have here is an update to the Microsoft Tag system, which is an update to the old QR Code. Have no idea what we're talking about? It goes like this: You load an app onto your phone that takes a picture of the tag and can recognize the metadata in once of these tags. Kinda like a barcode, but much cooler.

The old black-and-white QR Code left much to be desired. It looked like a code. Microsoft's original Tag (seen here at right) was an improvement, with different colors and shapes containing more information. But it still looked like code. With the upgrade, a series of dots can be hidden within a picture, as you can see above. (From left, that's a pinata, jelly beans and balloons.)

And that's cool and all. But if you want me to go to a Web site, just tell me the damn address. (Yeah, we know, it can launch video or audio automatically. But still.) I don't want to load another app that essentially just loads a Web site. That said, I don't have to use it if I don't want to. If this is your thing, check out more at Microsoft Tag. And if you're really into it, there's even a design contest going on.

Via the Windows Mobile Team Blog

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