Bing Halloween

Microsoft has transformed Bing into a homepage of spooky stories and frightening experiences. The new Bing Halloween 2014 homepage is available and should help everyone get into the searching mood for the nights of terror. Following on from last year, prepare to be greeted by an appropriately themed experience.

Visiting Bing will reveal a spooky button on the right-hand side, which can be activated to start the ghostly transitions. Starting with La Llorona, viewers are then taken to the Flying Dutchman on stormy seas, concluding the short experience with Bloody Mary appearing in a mirror.

The Bing team has done a stellar job with the presentation, using CSS3 and HTML5 to create a parallax scrolling effect. Michael Kroll, a principal UX design manager at Microsoft, commented on the release:

"We are always trying to do something surprising. If you're using Bing, it's because you want to look at things differently than other people. And that's a philosophy we carry into the home page all the time and throughout the product, which is how do we take this thing that you've seen before and show it to you in a way that you maybe haven't seen before. There's always this push to take a different angle on this from everybody else."

This isn't the first time Microsoft has had some fun with the Bing homepage and we're sure it won't be the last. Head to Bing to take a look at the new search engine theme, and check out the full blog post for more details on the development.

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