Windows Mobility Smackdown at TechReady 6

If you're a true fan of Windows Mobile, the video above (from MelSam) should make perfect sense. If you're lost: you should know a bit about the Microsoft culture:

  1. The WinMo team is fond of playing practical jokes on each other.
  2. Microsoft has a company video blog called Channel 8
  3. Microsoft has an internal conference called “TechReady.”
  4. Their enthusiasm for the company is genuine (though perhaps a little creepy?)
  5. They believe in dogfooding.

Caught up now? Good. Wait... “dogfooding?” That's right. The idea is to “Eat one's own dog food,” as in “Use the products you're selling.” So the Windows Mobile team... uses Windows Mobile. Seems simple, but note that they're likely using future versions of Windows Mobile right now as their main device to find bugs and hassles that appear in the 10th week instead of the ones that appear in the 10th minute. Dogfooding is making a product your “daily driver” to get a deep feeling of what it is really like. Despite the fact that the shine has fallen off the term from the 90's tech bubble, it's still a good idea and it's nice to know that, whatever your complaint is about Windows Mobile, somebody at Microsoft likely feels your pain.

Also, apparently, they get excited Microsoft employees to literally eat dogfood.