One of the biggest Xbox announcements of E3 was the Xbox One Elite Controller, a 'pro-class' controller for Microsoft's console with interchangeable parts, triggers on the rear and a more premium build quality. Soon after U.S. pricing and launch information was revealed, with a slightly less clear approach to Europe.

One British retailer started taking pre-orders at £130, but now Microsoft is taking them from its own store and has undercut that by £10.

Mainland Europe hasn't been forgotten either, with some local stores, like Germany, taking pre-orders for the controller at 149.99 Euros. International prices don't always marry up, especially with taxes to be added as well, but on this one it looks like Microsoft has got a pretty even balance on both sides of the Atlantic. We're not sure when it went live but you can check it out for yourselves at where you are.

Better still, we're told to expect it in October. U,S. launch information gave us October 31 as an expected date, so Europe either gets it before this or at the same time. If you're looking to snag one head over to your local Microsoft Store now to pre-order.

And if you're curious, check out our video detailing the back story from E3 below.

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