Though it was originally intended for a June launch, Guest Access won't arrive in Microsoft Teams this month. Instead, a Microsoft Teams rep recently confirmed on the Teams User Voice forum (via ZDNet) that ongoing issues would delay Guest Access, but it doesn't sound like the wait will be too long.

Microsoft Teams Guest Access delayed beyond June

From Microsoft:

We were aiming for June, as we had stated in our GA blog post, but we're facing some issues so it's looking like it will be just a tad bit longer (not too long). This is a top priority, so trust me when I say you will have it soon!

Guest Access is a fairly important feature that allows organizations to permit access to Teams for outside parties in a secure way. This is particularly handy in situations where freelancers or contractors, who may only be involved for the length of a project, need to interact with the rest of a team.

There's no exact timeframe on the arrival of Guest Access, but ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley guesses we might see it as Microsoft's Inspire conference in July.

Microsoft Teams has been gradually adding to its robust feature set since its initial preview launch last fall and, indeed, its move to general availability in March. Most recently, Microsoft added a whole batch of education-focused features that make the service much more manageable in the classroom for both teachers and students.

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