Microsoft and Volvo have announced both companies are working together in a newly formed partnership. The two parties are joint developing next-generation automotive technologies, utilizing the functionality of HoloLens to enable potential owners to explore and purchase cars.

A HoloLens demonstration was conducted at Redmond, showing how potential car owners could analyze, explore and configure their vehicle in 3D. Instead of being sat infront of a computer screen, they could actually immerse themselves into the experience, getting a feel for the car they'll be purchasing.

The company hopes that a magnitude of scenarios can be created through HoloLens, including allowing dealers to hit the road to launch pop-up stores, pitch in shopping malls and more using the virtual technology. Klas Bendrik, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Volvo Cars, commented on today's announcement:

"We are extremely happy to innovate with Microsoft in the field of future mobility. Today's technology will allow us to achieve not only a more sustainable and crash-free future but also new benefits for our customers and society. Together with Microsoft we aim to pioneer in this field."

Not only will the partnership cover sales, but also the experience while driving, notably autonomous driving and enhancing predictive analytics to improve safety.