Microsoft has teased those who follow the Windows Phone Twitter account by announcing that some exciting news will be revealed later today at CES. With so much being unveiled and displayed at the massive event, what could Microsoft be hinting at when it comes to Windows Phone?

We suspected that the team is referring to Huawei officially announcing the Ascend W1, which we've previously reported on numerous times. But the company has yet to hit the nail, so it could well be Samsung and the ATIV S or even Sprint.

Indeed, Sprint jumped in on the conversation to essentially confirm the news and coincidentally, Samsung is having their live event going on right now (don't worry, we're there). So is that the magic two-punch?  

And if not Samsung we should note we're hanging with Nokia at this moment, though they don't seem poised to launch anything today.

It's all getting underway at CES 2013 and Windows Phone Central is on the floor tracking employees down and using established torturing techniques to abstract information. We'll bring you all the latest from the show in our live blogs and on the main site.

Source: Twitter (@WindowsPhone)