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The Microsoft Dev Center has been a thorny issue for many developers lately with some app submissions having been held up for weeks, odd rejections and slow propagation of updates.  While we can’t attest to whether or not those have all been fixed, Microsoft has evidently been rolling out many tweaks to make it better.

From the Windows Phone Developer Blog:

“This month’s update includes more than 100 tweaks and fixes. Most are intended to improve reliability and performance or fix app submission issues you’ve reported. We added image caching for better site response, rewrote some error messages you told us were confusing, and added a new time-saving link in the app download report to the app details.”

Not a bad list of supposed changes, let’s hope we see them actually make a difference for developers. Microsoft’s Todd Brix also let devs know that this is one of many regularly planned updates to the Dev Center—so if something was missed this month, check back in the next.

A surprise bonus feature for developers was also added: the ability to translate reviews of your apps. That should go a long way for developers to be able to better understand what their customers are complaining or complimenting about.