Microsoft is pushing out updates for its News, Maps, Travel, Sport and Finance apps on Windows 8. Numerous features have been included in the latest releases, so what's new for consumers?

The News app sports a customise option that enables users to add RSS feeds to the top stories section of the app. The ability to pin custom feeds on the start screen is also presently available. Custom feeds are displayed much like other curated feeds, but unoptimised feeds will open up in a  web browser.

The Windows 8 Maps app, which is powered by Bing, has been bumped to a new version to include an improved local search option for users. Categories are displayed as local search options when searches are performed within the app. The settings area also sports options to track location automatically and show the bird's eye view.

Finance now features a new tools section. A mortgage calculator, retirement planner and currency converter each available for quick and convenient access. Finally, Travel and Sport have both been updated, but it's reported that only bug fixes are likely to be included.

It's also been noted that the News app now displays more localised headlines. Be sure to shout out in the comments if you've noticed anything we've missed. You can download the News, Maps, Sport, Finance and Travel appsfrom the Windows Store.

via: The Verge; thanks, Martinspire, for the tip!

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