Nokia Camera

Microsoft has updated its Nokia Camera app to bring the photography solution up to speed with the beta counterpart. Since it was previously updated (to version, the Nokia Camera Beta has received a bunch of bug fixes and improvements to further enhance the user experience. These have now made their way to the live release for version

The changelog for this latest release is pretty spot on and summarized (it essentially reads "bug fixes and improvements"), but here's a small hint at some of the changes included:

  • Improved Inline Video Playback in Camera Roll
  • Improved Living Images Playback in Camera Roll
  • Improved Focus Indicator on devices with Continuous Autofocus
  • Other Bug fixes and Improvements

The live public release has actually leapfrogged the beta program, but we're sure Microsoft will release a number of releases for the testing branch prior to updating the main app once again. Let us know how you're getting on with Nokia Camera. Check out the beta store link below if you'd like to join the program.

QR: Nokia Camera

QR: Nokia Camera Beta

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