app studio beta

After adding support for making Windows 8 apps in April in addition to apps for Windows Phone, Microsoft has now announced another update for the beta of its web-based Windows App Studio tools. This new version should make it easier for aspiring app makers to publish their creations to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.

The biggest change comes after the user selects Publish Package once they finish making their app. When that happens, a .zip file is generated that has the store-ready files for the app, along with up to six screenshots, the app logo and full instructions on how to publish the app in either the Windows Store, the Windows Phone Store or both.

New apps made by the Windows App Studio tools can also add YouTube videos as a data source for the first time. Finally, Microsoft has added new photo layout options for data sources, such as Instagram and Flickr, along with dynamic and static collections.

Microsoft also said today that over 1.1 million users have accessed the Windows App Studio Beta tools since its launch nearly a year ago. There's no update on how many apps that have been made via the site have been published.

Source: Microsoft