Xbox Music

Microsoft has pushed out an update for its Xbox Music client on Windows 8. The app enables consumers to tune into their favourite genres with collections and more that's store in the cloud and available on multiple hardware with a respective client. This latest release introduces a few minor improvements.

According to the official change log, the following is what's new in 1.4.18:

  • Give free listening a try without having to sign-in
  • Access search from within the app
  • Bug fixes and other UI enhancements

We've also been informed that Redmond has added a new setting in the preferences menu, which enables users to select whether or not added / purchased music on other hardware from the Xbox Music service is automatically downloaded to this device. Be sure to watch out for any update notifications on your Windows 8 device for Xbox Music.

Update: Turns out only the change logis actually new. Thanks, folks!

Thanks, Travis, for the tip!