The recently revamped Microsoft Ventures division will be helping to fund two San Francisco-based technology startup companies. One is the mobile customer support business Helpshift, while the other is the AI-based company CrowdFlower.

Microsoft Ventures

Microsoft Ventures was part of a group of other company that have invested a total of $23 million in a Series B funding effort for Helpshift. It's unknow how much Microsoft contributed to that total. Here's a quick description of Helpshift:

Through an intuitive user interface, Helpshift makes it easy for businesses large and small to proactively support and engage their customers. Their support platform includes native functionality such as in-app FAQ's, in-app chat, a full CRM ticketing system, in-app campaigns, and in-app surveys, making it easy for companies to provide a best-in-class customer support experience on any device.

Helpshift added that its app is installed on over 1.3 billion devices worldwide, and is in use by over 300 million customers.

CloudFlower has also received a total of $10 million in funding from several companies, including Microsoft Ventures. CloudFlower is developing an AI platform for businesses:

With CrowdFlower AI, customers can now easily create machine learning models using human-labeled training data from within the CrowdFlower platform. These models can then be deployed using humans-in-the-loop for when the model's predictions fall below a customer defined confidence threshold. For the first time companies now have a single platform that can convert instructions in plain English to commercially viable machine learning models that replace humans in some part of a business process.