Windows 10 Virtual Desktop

Microsoft has posted some helpful information on the new virtual desktop options that are a part of Windows 10, and called for Windows Insider members to give some feedback on one aspect of this feature.

Microsoft has offered the virtual desktop feature in Windows 10 since the first public preview version was released in September. However, the company is currently asking for feedback for a specific default setting which apparently is the subject of much debate among users:

On one side, some users want stronger separation between desktops and expect to see open windows that are only on the current desktop. On the flip side, other users expect the taskbar to always give them access to all their open windows no matter where they are. We are convinced both options are valid so we made it a user setting (actually one for the taskbar and another for Alt+Tab). The hard part is choosing which one is the default so we think the only option is to let you decide. In the most recent flight we are A/B testing the taskbar behavior with the Insiders. If you get a notification asking how you like the taskbar behavior when using virtual desktops, be sure to let us know.

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Source: Microsoft