Microsoft HoloLens

The Microsoft HoloLens has been one of the most exciting technologies the company has announced in some time. Now it wants to see what others will do with the augmented reality headset. It has announced a new research grant program where five universities will be picked to receive $100,000, based on their HoloLens project proposals.

Microsoft offered up some examples of the kinds of projects it would like to see from any HoloLens proposal:

  • Data visualization - Example: Using mixed reality to make large data sets easier to navigate and understand
  • Evolution of pedagogy in STEM, medical, and design education - Example: Using existing 3D assets or new 3D assets for high-value training (e.g., interactive 3D models for medical training)
  • Future of communication and distributed collaboration - Examples: Remote training and support, first-responder emergency management, and virtual conferences
  • Interactive art and experimental media - Examples: Narrative storytelling, new forms of artistic expression, interactive journalism
  • Psychology-related topics - Examples: Human perception and human-computer interaction
  • Solving difficult problems and contributing new insights that are specific to the applicant's field

In addition to the money, the winning universities would also get two Microsoft HoloLens development kits. The project proposals must be turned in by October 9. This isn't the first time Microsoft has launched such a program. Earlier this year, it asked for proposals from schools and research institutions on how they might use the big Surface Hub touchscreen PCs.

Source: Microsoft

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