Android to Windows 10

Microsoft has already announced their plans for "Project Astoria", which is designed to allow Android apps to be quickly ported over to work with Windows 10 Mobile. A recent job listing at Microsoft shows that the company wants "Project Astoria" to accomplish this task while keeping the original Android app binaries "unchanged".

The job listing says:

"Our Astoria team is delivering a set of new experiences for consumers and developers with the potential to make a huge difference for the Windows platform. The Astoria bridge enables Android developers to publish their unchanged binary to run as they are on the Windows mobile platform. This is a first for our Windows platform received enthusiastically by the Android community."

If that can indeed be accomplished, it could allow for a ton of Android apps to come over to Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft is currently allowing developers to sign up for a Project Astoria beta testing program but the final version won't be available for all developers to use until this fall.

Source: Microsoft; Via: WMPU

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