Microsoft has launched a website for Cache, a Windows 10 app from its Garage division. The app, which is currently in invite-only testing, will allow users to bookmark and organize content like images, text, web pages, files and more for easy access later.


The official Cache website (via WalkingCat) has more details on the app, which is also being tested for iPhones as well:

  • Capture things important to you - Cache is a great place to quickly bookmark the stuff important to you. You can capture text snippets, images, web pages, files, reference material, and your notes.
  • Organize your things. Your way - Create groups to organize your content by projects, clients, tasks, or ideas, so you can easily see everything related together.
  • Have it everywhere - Content you collect in Cache is instantly available on your other devices (currently Windows and iPhones).
  • Pick up where you left off - Quickly access the stuff you need to get work done without having to jump into multiple apps to find what you need. With Cache, you can be productive and pick up where you left off the minute you sit down to work.

Again, Microsoft is taking sign-ups for people to test Cache out before it is released to the public, stating, "Your participation will help identify issues, provide additional diagnostics and telemetry, and give us valuable feedback to make Cache great."

Sign up for the invite-only Cache test