Microsoft continues to promote its overall Windows platform in a new extended TV commercial today called "People Who Do". The format follows that of an earlier Windows TV ad, "Do Great Things", that was released last week.

The new video, which runs over two minutes, shows a number of different people who are trying to make the world a better place, using Windows-based products to help them achieve their goals. One man says he wants to help establish a place where artists can live and work, while a woman talks about how to expand farming skills to others. A young girl talks about her efforts to save the bee population, while another man explains his efforts to feed people in the city. There's even some projects shown that are just about entertainment, from creating motion capture animation to a gamer who likes to play Titanfall online with his girlfriend.

The video itself shows Windows devices only briefly, such as a Surface Pro 3 and a touchscreen laptop. Just like the last commercial, Windows 10 is never mentioned by name, but its clear that these two ads are paving the way for Microsoft's marketing campaign for their next operating system that will officially launch later in 2015.

Source: Windows (YouTube); Thanks to Rokibul for the tip!