Windows 10 phones

Microsoft outlined a plan it calls "Project Milkyway" today that has the goal of updating Windows 10-based smartphones with the latest version "within 4-6 weeks" of its release.

As many current Windows Phone owners can confirm, it can sometimes take months for their devices to receive the latest OS version from Microsoft via over-the-air updates. In today's WinHEC conference session titled, "Upgrading to Windows 10", Microsoft says they hope to 'delight users" with this faster update time frame.

Project Milkyway

One of the slides from the presentation show that Microsoft plans to use the Windows Insider program to help test Windows 10 for phone updates. It will also provide guidance to its Windows 10 phone partners for downloading and testing.

Windows 10 phone update process

Another slide shows how the update development and launch process for Windows 10 smartphones is supposed to work. Most of the steps are under Microsoft's control, but one of them, "Validate OTA Updates on Retail Phones" would seem to be up to the wireless carriers and third-party hardware makers. Microsoft hasn't offered any details on just how that step can be improved compared to the current situation with Windows Phone 8.1 updates.

Source: Channel 9