Microsoft’s security division has been fighting back hackers and botnets for years and now they want you to help out. The company is offering a variety of bounties for finding bugs and security flaws in a variety of software.

Windows 8.1 is the first on a list of bounty programs to launch on June 26th. Microsoft will pay up $100,000 USD to hackers who can showcase “truly novel exploitation techniques”. The company is serious about making sure Windows’ latest revision is released to the public without a hitch.

In addition, if a user can create a defensive technique for the Windows 8.1 security flaw they submitted – Microsoft will pay up to $50,000 USD. The boys in Redmond cite how important the new bounties are:

"Doing so highlights our continued support of defensive technologies and provides a way for the research community to help protect more than a billion computer systems worldwide."

Lastly, Microsoft is offering up to $11,000 USD for anyone who can find critical vulnerabilities within Internet Explorer 11. The latest version of Microsoft’s web browser will be released within the Windows 8.1 Preview. The timeframe for finding IE11 exploits is June 26th – July 26th.

Windows 8.1 Preview: Coming Soon

For more details about the bounty program, click here.

Who is ready to go security bug hunting?

Source: Microsoft Security Response Center

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