Windows Phone Payment Methods

Here at Build 2013 we just wrapped up our first session with Sam George. His session was an introduction for developing on Windows Phone. While there won’t be anything brand new in terms of actual development, we did learn some interesting stats about the growth of the Windows Phone Store and how it differs with payments methods compared to iOS and Android. Fascinating stats for your next flame war after the break.

When it comes to payment methods, Windows Phone is beating both iOS and Android. When it comes to Windows Phone we have support for all leading credits cards. But what happens in situations where a smartphone users doesn’t really have one? Mobile Operating Billing is pretty kickass solution and one that Windows Phone is winning.

It’s a win for developers especially since it removes barriers for getting potential users to buy their apps. With mobile operator billing they can see three times the sales when only a credit card is available. They also will gain access to emerging markets with low credit card penetration. And when you compare the Windows Phone ecosystem directly to Android you’ll see that Microsoft has teamed up with more mobile operator partners than Google, 30 in total around the globe.

Alipay and PayPal support also enables developers to get make more money on their apps versus competing platforms. For example, when Alipay became an option in China the Windows Phone Store saw an increase of tenfold for app purchases.

The message was clear today. If you’re a developer and want to make money by removing the barriers for consumers to buy your apps go to Windows Phone. You can view the list of mobile operates around the globe right here.