Games with Gold - Halo 3

Microsoft had originally launched “Games with Gold”, as a short time promotion to give away free games to Xbox Live Gold members. Today, the company has announced that they will be continuing the “Games with Gold” program as a continued benefit for consumers.

The “Games with Gold” program offers up two free downloadable games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers to enjoy each month. The games offered vary from blockbuster AAA titles to smaller indie games – either way, they are usually a blast to play (and they are free!).

According to a survey by Microsoft, 97% of members who have participated in the “Games with Gold” program have “given their stamp of approval”. As with anything Microsoft does, there is usually a small crowd that complains – in this instance, some gamers don’t like the free game selection that is being offered (did we mention that the games are free – no charge?).

Get involved now by downloading Halo 3, the current free game for the remainder of the month, and have fun!

What games would you like to see appear in the “Games with Gold” program?

 Source: Microsoft