Windows Store

If you are an app developer for the Windows Store, Microsoft will be making a couple of pricing changes for those apps starting on November 13. One of them will affect all developers, while the other will only affect developers in certain countries.

In an email sent to developers, Microsoft stated:

"Windows Store is increasing the number of prices available for paid apps and in-app purchases, and will also update some of the price tier values. Beginning November 13, we will expand from 96 to 194 prices available for all markets."

In addition, price values for apps in the store will change in Algeria, Brazil, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Turkey and the Ukraine will also be changing to reflect the latest exchange rates. For example, an app that is priced at $2.99 in the US that is currently priced at 6.50 BRL in Brazil will go up to 10.30 BRL in that country. While these changes will be made automatically, developers will likely have to make some changes in pricing to their own apps to better reflect the exchange rates in those countries.