A few sentences from a creative content writer hint that Microsoft is preparing to shift its public image. A cryptic message on the Cargo Collective portfolio suggest that three, 60-second spots will help change and reinvent Microsoft.

The man checks out. He’s done copy for Dr. Pepper and Diet Snapple Campaigns. What’s he doing at Microsoft? A re-branding. This is what it says:

“Currently under NDA for project specifics. Hired to re-brand the image of Microsoft in three 60-second spots.”

Microsoft is one of those companies that faces a bit of an image problem with the public. Let’s be honest, you and I live in somewhat of a ‘pro-Microsoft’ bubble. We use, cover, and talk about Microsoft products all day long. Sure there are flaws that need to be addressed with them, nonetheless we really enjoy them. But outside our bubble, most people remember Microsoft as that greedy, monopolistic company of the late 90’s. The same company that gave us Vista and the Blue Screen of Death. That image is the one Microsoft needs to shake if it hopes to compete with Google and Apple for mindshare.

So what are these supposed 60-second spots going to be like? We have no clue. You can check out the portfolio of the content writer to get an idea for his specific style. What do you guys think Microsoft should do to help change its public image?

This is a big year for Microsoft. Windows Phone 8 is still fighting an uphill battle against iOS and Android. Windows 8 is helping shift how we think of computing. The next Xbox is expected. And all these devices are going to tie-in even better with future ‘Blue’ updates. If there was a time to shift the public’s perception of Microsoft, this would be that year.

Source: MSFT Kitchen