Surface 2

A new report says that Microsoft is planning to announce a new Surface tablet that will have an low-powered Intel processor, most likely a Cherry Trail Atom chip. The report claims the official reveal will be made either before or during the company's Build 2015 developers conference in late April.

The report comes from WinBeta, citing unnamed sources. It calls the upcoming tablet a "successor" to the Surface 2, but that's a bit misleading, since their report says that it will not be using an ARM-based processor running on Windows RT. Instead, their report claims that this new tablet will be running Windows 8.1 and will use an Intel chip. Windows Central has learned that the processor will specifically be an Atom chip, using the Cherry Trail architecture. This also means that it is likely a fanless system, which would make sense with where the computing market is going lately.

WinBeta adds that the new Surface tablet will be fanless and, while it will be released first with Windows 8.1 out of the box, it will naturally be upgradable to Windows 10 when it launches sometime this summer. It adds that it will not have a "Surface Pro" label. Windows Central also understands that this will be a full-sized tablet and not a "Surface Mini" device.

We should get more info on this rumored new Surface tablet during the Build 2015 conference. Windows Central will be attending the event, where Microsoft should have a ton of announcements concerning the launch of Windows 10.

Source: WinBeta