Nokia Trailers

Microsoft will shut down the Nokia Trailers app for Windows Phone devices after December 31, according to an in-app message sent to its remaining users this week.

The company has kept many of the Windows Phone apps it acquired when it bought Nokia's Devices and Services division in April, but has been busy rebranding them over the past few months. That apparently won't be the case for Nokia Trailers. which was first released in June 2012 but has not been updated since January 2013.

As the name implies, Nokia Trailers gave movie fans quick access to the latest trailers and teasers for upcoming films. It also let users download the clips for offline viewing, share their favorite trailers with friends and it even had a Live Tile that could be set up to alert Windows Phone owners about new trailers. Finally, it had a feature that located the nearest movie theaters.

The app was always well-done, but it never received many updates and for the last year or so lingered on the Store. In that sense, Microsoft's decision is not a surprise, but still, it was a well done and unique app.

Should Microsoft make a 'trailers only' app in the future for Windows Phone or do you think we can do without?

Thanks to Paulius for the tip!