Microsoft's trying again with the whole HoloLens in space thing. Two prototypes for the augmented reality headset are now scheduled to be among the cargo items inside a resupply rocket for the International Space Station that will be launched on December 3.

Microsoft and NASA previously tried to send two HoloLens headsets to the ISS in June aboard a SpaceX rocket, but it exploded soon after liftoff. This time, the HoloLens devices will be aboard a rocket made by Orbital Sciences. Hopefully, this one won't go boom.

NASA wants astronauts on board the ISS to test HoloLens with a program called Sidekick, which has been designed to let people on Earth could see what an astronaut was seeing via the headset. It could also be used to help train crew members with animated holographic illustrations that are put in place on devices in the real world.

Source: Technology Review