Windows 8.1 RTM

There’s a few of you reading this on a machine running the Windows 8.1 Preview. How are you liking it so far? The preview for Windows 8.1 hit a little under two weeks ago during the Microsoft //BUILD/ conference. It’s been downloaded, installed, and played with millions of times. It’s also on track to gold in August.

Microsoft has confirmed to ZDNET that Windows 8.1 is on track to RTM by August. Release to manufacturing (RTM), is the stage to last stage in software development. During this stage Windows 8.1 will be sent to manufacturers, who in turn will start mass producing machines pre-installed with the new and refined Windows. Historically, those devices won’t be available for another month or two and will launch side-by-side with the Windows 8.1 bits. Not this time.

Mary Jo Foley reports that her sources indicate that this time around when Windows 8.1 heads off to OEMs around the globe it will also be available to you and me to download and install. Either right when it RTMs or shortly after. So it looks like your new high-end gaming PC won’t need to wait till the end of October to install Windows 8.1.

Source: ZDNET