Lumia 520

The Nokia Lumia 520 is an extremely popular smartphone, in fact it's actually the most preferred Windows Phone around. The device has also taken over the Indian Windows Phone market, according to previous reports released by AdDuplex. Today, news has begun circling around that Windows Phone has surpassed the iPhone in India to take second position behind Android.

The most affordable Windows Phone is still cheaper than the iPhone 5C, Apple's recent attempt to boost its efforts in the competitive smartphone market with a cheaper option. The Lumia 520 goes for around Rs. 10,000 (£100 / $160) in India, taking full advantage of the strong brand recognition Nokia has in the region. The Register also notes how Nokia was named winner of India's annual Brand Trust Report in February for the third year in a row.

This brings us back to the whole Microsoft and Nokia purchase. With the deal well in the works, Microsoft will have to get branding just right, should Redmond not wish to avertedly reverse the work Nokia has achieved thus far. Many consumers follow the Nokia brand strongly and how Microsoft will be able to carry that on depends on how the company decides to approach the change.

Source: Microsoft (India); via: The Register; thanks, Laura, for the tip!

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