lumia 635

Microsoft will not be charging anyone who tried to pre-order the Nokia Lumia 635 from its retail store website earlier this week. The site has posted two listings for the smartphone before removing them less than a day later.

In a statement sent to Neowin, a Microsoft spokesperson said the listings for the AT&T and T-Mobile versions of the phones were pulled due because they "included inaccurate information". On Monday, the site said that the Lumia 635 from AT&T would have a no-contract price of $99, while the T-Mobile version had a price of $129.

For those of you who jumped in and pre-ordered the phone, Microsoft's statement says you should not worry. It said, "Customers who placed a pre-order on the Microsoft Store have not been charged. As with all Microsoft Store pre-orders, the customer is not charged until a device is available and only upon shipment."

So when will the Lumia 635 go on sale in the U.S.? Good question, but it's one that Microsoft was unable to answer. It stated, "We expect pricing and availability for the Lumia 635 to be announced by our U.S. carrier partners at a later time."

Did you try to buy the Lumia 635 from the Microsoft Store site and if so are you happy or sad that your order has been cancelled?

Source: Neowin