Xbox at E3

Microsoft hasn't had much success with any of its Xbox consoles in Japan, but recently the Xbox One hit a new sales low in that country with just 100 units sold during one week in early June. However, Microsoft is still insisting that it can turn things around for the Xbox One, and that the launch of Windows 10 might help.

Microsoft held a press event to reveal its new Japanese executive lineup this week, including its new leader Takuya Hirano. PC Watch reports that during a Q&A session following the event, a reported asked if the Xbox One was going to be pulled from Japan due to its poor sales:

"We're not withdrawing. Because of Windows 10, even the Xbox One has new features that we'll try to appeal [to Japanese consumers] with. We want to have an even higher quality line up of titles than now."

Microsoft will release a new desktop update later this fall that for the Xbox One that will be based on Windows 10 and will allow PCs with the new operating system to stream Xbox One games to their computer. It remains to be seen if any of those features will cause Japanese consumers to start buying the Xbox One.

Source: PC Watch; Via: Kotaku