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Microsoft has been working on technology to stream games from the cloud for some time and now a new report claims that a new team, working under the code-name "Arcadia", is developing streaming technology for both games and certain applications.

According to ZDNet's, Mary Jo Foley, the team is under the company's Operating Systems Group and is using Microsoft's Azure cloud technology to help develop its streaming game and app systems. The "Arcadia" code name shows up in a recent Microsoft job listing that's rather vague, but another job post that doesn't have that name does mention the "Operating Systems Group (OSG) Streaming team."

Foley says this new "Arcadia" effort is actually a replacement for a previous game streaming service project, code named "Rio". A demo of "Rio" was shown in September 2013 as part of Microsoft's annual company meeting, where a game of Halo 4 that was stored on a cloud server was played on a Lumia 520 Windows Phone device. Foley also says that Microsoft considered having the "Arcadia" team work on streaming Android apps and games from the cloud, but that effort has reportedly been suspended.

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While the job listings for Microsoft show that the company is indeed working on something with streaming technology, it remains to be seen when, or even if, it will ever launch as a consumer or enterprise service.

Source: ZDNet

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